Overview Of Nike Air Jordan Footwear

2013-08-10 14:11

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The Nike Air Jordan footwear are named right after the famous athlete. Production began in 1984 when an endorsement deal was signed with the basketball player. They may be generally classified by their models and releases. The Originals, Retros, Retro are the most common models.


 The Air Jordan 1 shoes were the initial to hit the market. Unlike their counterparts at the time which have been mostly white, these had a distinct, bold, red and black styling. As a result, they had been banned from the NBA, attracting fines operating up to four figures whenever they have been worn in a game. . The controversy generated fuelled the hype which created the shoes the common household name that they now are.

 The familiar jump-man logo that is currently featured around the line-up sport was adopted immediately after the 1986-87 slam dunk competition. The lineup was also revamped in the release with the Air Jordan III. The design and style featured a basketball shoe with a three-quarter cut. They have been also made of high quality components which had been lighter than conventional ones. This non-traditional approach made the footwear skyrocket in popularity.

 Until late 1997, the shoes had been part of the larger Nike family. This changed when the company unveiled a new marketing plan which saw the lineup break away to become a sub-brand on its own. This was marked by the release from the AJ XIII, AJ Team and AJ trainers. From this point onwards, the footwear dropped the name of its parent company too as the Swoosh logo.

 Some from the most recent releases include the AJ 7 retro. This model features polytutherane-coated leather that is fast-drying. It protects the surface and provides it a longer lifespan while maintaining the new-leather shine. There are perforations throughout the surface to provide breathability.

 The brand has grown to become one on the bestselling in basketball footwear. People of all social strata and ages wait eagerly in queues whenever new models are being released. This success can be attributed towards the fact that all releases from the Jordan III are exclusively named soon after the athlete.

 The designers also take the hobbies, tips and life on the famous basketball player into account and incorporate them into the footwear. For instance, the AJ 7 Retro celebrates a second championship ring, an Olympic gold medal and a sixth scoring title. The AJ XIV line was released to celebrate the initial retirement from the athlete. Such considerations are held in high esteem by basketball fans. To ensure that they retain their popularity, they're also endorsed by top players within the NBA.

 Some models have also been designed after cars belonging to the athlete. An example is the AJ Retro Last Shot 2011 line which was inspired by a sports car that Michael owned. One on the most hyped releases is the AJ XXI (21). Some people wonder whether the lineup will be retired while others claim that in honor of Michael, the last release will be the Jordan XXIII. Irrespective of what happens to the signature lineup, Nike Air Jordan shoes will often be held in high esteem due to their tradition of high quality.